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Completed Projects

TERC sponsors $2-3 million worth air quality research that is designed to help policy makers write legislation based on the best available science.
Project   Files
H118 - Assessment of Available Tools and Methodologies to Quantify Regional and Project Level Air Quality Effects for Freight Railroads 1
H114 - Occurrence and Distribution of Nitrophenols in Air and Rain Water in Houston and Dallas 5
H113 - Houston urban air composition characterization using a mobile laboratory and measurements of HONO at Moody Tower 2
H109 - Analysis of Baylor aircraft stationary front flights 3
H108 - Synthesis of research findings in the aftermath of TexAQS II 1
H107 - Sources and Trends of Background Ozone 2
H106 - Nighttime Transport and Chemical Processing of O3, NOx, and VOCs: Analysis of Observations from the SETTS 2005 Field Program 2
H105 - Determination of Radical Sources during SHARP 2
H104C - Chemistry and Sources of Radicals and their Precursors in Houston 3
H104B - Formaldehyde and VOC Tracer Relationships by PTR-MS 3
H104A - Measurements of Formaldehyde Fluxes in Houston, Texas 3
H103B - Analysis of Airborne Data Collected during 2006 to Characterize HCHO Emissions and Sources in the Houston Area 2
H103A - Airborne Measurements to Investigate Radical Sources in the Houston Area 2
H102 - Investigation of VOC radical sources in the Houston Ship Channel by the Solar Occultation Flux (SOF) Method and Mobile DOAS (SOF II) 3
H101 - Surface-induced oxidation of organics in the troposphere (SOOT) 2
H100 - Study of Houston Atmospheric Radical precursors (SHARP) 2
H099 - Modeling of secondary organic aerosol in Houston in summer 2
H098 - Air Quality Modeling of TexAQS-II Episodes with Data Assimilation 6
H097 - Integration of Multi-platform Modeling Analysis and 2006 Field Measurements to Investigate Ozone Control Sensitivity in the 2005/2006 Houston, TX SIP modeling episodes 2
H096 - Validation and Improvement of Vertical Mixing and Surface Fluxes 2
H095 - Estimating Future Year Emissions and Control Strategy Effectiveness based on Hourly Industrial Emissions 2
H094 - Analysis of Historical Emission Changes to Inform New Emission Projection Analyses 3
H093 - Potential Ozone Impacts of Excess NO2 Emissions from Diesel Particulate Filters for On- and Off-Road Diesel Engines 1
H092 - Measurements of Oil/Water Separators at Refineries 1
H091 - Analysis of Historical Emission Changes to Inform New Emission Projection Analyses 2
H090 - Source/Receptor Relations: Observations from the 2006 Houston Triangle Field Program 7
H088 - Data Transfer of TexAQS II Air Quality Model Output 1
H087 - Retrospective Simulations of TexAQS II-2006 Pollution Events 4
H086 - TRAMP Data Analysis and Radical Chemistry Study 1
H085 - Top-Down Emissions Verification (td valign="top"EV) of Houston Ship Channel Sources during TexAQS II 1
H084 - Development of Databases and Characterization of Meteorological Conditions for the TexAQS II Intensive Period 1
H083 - Effects of Process Type and Speciation of Flaring on Air Emissions in the Houston-Galveston Area 2
H081 - TRAMP Nocturnal Mixing from Micropulse LIDAR measurements (TNMPL) 3
H080 - Study Planning and Coordination for the Texas Air Quality Field Program in FY2006 2
H078 - TexAQS II Radical Measurement Project (TRAMP) 2
H076 - How Chemical Manufacturing Facilities in Harris County Are Using Point Source Monitoring to Identify and Reduce HRVOC Emissions 2
H075 - The Houston Triangle Experiment 5
H074 - Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds and Nitrogen Reservoir Species During TexAQS II-2006 13
H072C - School Bus Study; Measurement of Selected Diesel-Associated Air Pollutants in School Bus Cabins Prior to and Following the Installation of Retrofit Technologies 2
H072AB - Texas Emission Reduction Plan (TERP) Program Analysis & Low Income Repair Assistance Program (LIRAP) 3
H068 - NOx Emission Factors for Compresssor Engines 6
H063 - Aircraft Measurement Support of TexAQSII 8
H061 - Diagnostic Modeling and Data Analysis of the Summer 2005 Northeast Texas Plume Study (NETPS) 2
H060 - Regional Transport Modeling for East Texas 7
H059 - 4DVar Data Assimilation 4
H058.2005 - TERC 2005 Science Policy Synthesis 1
H057 - Inventory of Boilers, Process Heaters, and stationary engines and gas turbines (including Duct burners) at minor sources of NOx 3
H056.2005 - Deployment of Two C-Band Radars to DFW and HGB for the 2005 Ozone Season 2
H055 - Enhanced Land Surface Characterization 3
H054 - The Potential Impact of Solvent Emission Controls in the East Texas Area 3
H053.2005 - Reconciliation of Point Source Inventories Using Remote Sensing and SODAR Techniques 1
H052 - Houston Exposure to Air Toxics Study 3
H051C - Evaluation of VOC Emissions from Flash and Condensate Tanks 2
H051A - Measurement of VOC Emissions from Railcar Loading Arm Fittings 2
H048.T3.2004 - Aircraft Measurements of Highly Reactive Volatile Organic Compounds Using Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectrometry (PTR-MS) During TexAQS II 3
H046.T28.2004 - East Texas Land Use Land Cover 1
H045.S.2004 - Modeling Strategy in Support of TexAQS-II and 8-Hour Ozone Assessment 12
H045.D - Real Time Meteorology and Forecasting for TexAQS-II 2006 1
H045.C - East Texas Air Quality Forecasting for TexAQS II 1
H044A.2005 - Aircraft Support for TexAQS II Summer 2005 2
H044.T117.2004 - Meteorology and Science Planning in Support of TexAQS-II 4
H043.T163 - Diesel Construction Equipment Activity and Estimates 3
H042.T1 - On-Road and Non-Road 2010 Emissions Reductions 5
H041.2004 - Analysis of EPA Policy Development on the new 8-hr ozone and PM 2.5 Standards 2
H040.T121.2004 - NOx from Oil and Gas Production 8
H039.2005 - TexAQS II Tetroon Campaign 2
H037.2004 - Evaluation of the NOx Emission Effects of Adopting California LEV II Program 2
H036.2004.T1 - Ozone Precursor Control Strategies in Texas vs. Out-of-State 2
H035.2004 - Transport Contributions of Out-of-State Sources to East Texas Ozone 6
H034.2004 - Research Development 0
H033.2004 - Study Planning and Coordination for TexAQSIII 2
H032.2004 - Project and Program Synthesis Report 0
H031.2004 Phase 1B - Survey and Demonstration of Monitoring Technology for Houston Industrial Emissions 2
H031.2004 Phase 1A - Survey and Demonstration of Monitoring Technology for Houston Industrial Emissions 3
H030.2004 - Synthesis of Texas Air Quality Research and its Implications for Policy and the SIP Process 2
H029.2003 - Unusual Hydrocarbon Contributions to Rapid Ozone Formation and Accumulation in the Greater Houston Area 2
H028.DFW.2004 - Ellis County Point Source NOx Emissions 2
H027.DFW.2004 - Dallas-Fort Worth Transport Project 2
H026.2003 - Modeling of Industrial Plumes 2
H025.2003 - Nitrogen Reservoir species for nighttime chemistry 2
H024.2003 - Ensemble Kalman Filter 3
H023.2003 - GOES Satellite Data Assimilation 3
H022.2005.A - Permit Data for Maximum Release Levels/Proceeding 3
H022.2003 - Permit Data for Maximum Release Levels 3
H020.DFW.2004 - Assessment of TERP Implementation in DFW Region 2
H020.2003 - Assessment of TERP Implementation in HGA Region 3
H019.2003 - Enhancement of Trajectory Model 2
H018A.2004.T1 - Locomotive emissions HGA 2
H018.DFW.2004 - Locomotive emissions DFW 1
H018.2003 - Locomotive emission 2
H017A.2004.T1 - Urban Heat Island Modeling 1
H017.2003 - Urban Heat Island Modeling 3
H014.2002 - Economic Assessment of Meeting Air Quality Standards 2
H013.2003 - Inventories of HR VOC Emissions & Impact of Emission Magnitude & Variability on Ozone Formation in H/G Area 6
H012.2004.EE - Survey of Technological and Other Measures to Control HRVOC Event Emissions 9
H012.2004.8HRB - Role of Modeling Assumptions in the Houston Mid-Course Review and Impacts on the Sensitivity of 1-hour/8-hour Ozone to Emissions Reductions 12
H012.2004.8HRA - A Conceptual Model for 8-Hour Ozone Exceedances in East Texas 6
H010.DFW - Estimates of Emission from Small Scale Diesel Generators 2
H010 - Estimates of Emission for Small Scale Diesel Generators 3
H009.2003 - Assessment of Incentives for Alternative Transportation Measures 2
H008C.2003-MAR - Improving Non-Road Mobile Sources Emissions Inventories 5
H008C.2003-AGR - Revised Agricultural Emission Estimates 3
H008B.2003-T/H - Modeling and MOBILE6: Humidity and Temperature Effects on On-Road and Off-Road Diesel Emissions and Ozone Formation 4
H008B.2003-SPA - Modeling and MOBILE6: Spatial Allocation of Mobile Source Emissions 2
H008B.2003-MOD - Modeling and MOBILE6: High emitter fraction and Mileage accumulation rate 4
H008B.2003-BY - On-Road Vehicle Emissions and Activity Data 3
H007A.2003 - Compilation of Information on Cooling Towers, Equipment Leak Fugitives and Flares 3
H006E.2002 - Top-Down Emissions Inventory: Inverse Modeling 4
H006C.2003 - Top Down emissions inventory: 3 part strategy 2
H006B.2002 - Top-down Emissions Verification for the Houston-Galveston Industrial Point Sources based on TexaAQS Data 11
H006A.2002 - Quantification of Fugitive Reactive Alkene Emissions from Petrochemical Plants with Perfluorocarbon Tracers 2
H005.2002 - Measurement and Assessment of Equipment Leak Fugitives and Vent Emissions in Industrial Ethylene and Other Chemical Sources 3
H004.2005 - DFW Roadmap Development 0
H004.2002 - Science Synthesis Reports and Strategic Research Plan 5
H003.2002 - Air Pollutant Emissions Associated with Forest, Grassland, and Agricultural Burning in Texas During the 2000 Texas Air Quality Study 9
H001.TCEQ - MM5 Modeling of Aug-Sept 2000 Episode 0
H001.2002 - Meteorological and Emissions Sensitivity Modeling Study of Rapid Ozone Formation Events in the Houston-Galveston Airshed 7

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